Status: Adopted on Jul 4 2013
Shelter of Origin: Sonoma County Animal Control
Location: SaveABunny


We are very grateful to the staff at the Sonoma County Animal shelter, Sonoma Humane Society and Rohnert Park shelter who all pitched in to help us rescue and transport this seriously wounded rabbit to safety. Because he had a very severe injury on his rear left leg, we named him "Achilles." We are also VERY grateful to Brandner veterinary in Petaluma, Dr Pfann and his caring staff!



On 6/13/12 he was taken to Brandner veterinary in Petaluma. Dr. Pfann triaged the injury and consulted with a surgeon on the x-rays. After careful consideration, it was decided that his leg could be repaired with surgery.

A couple days later he had orthopedic surgery to place a pin & wire in his leg. His recovery at Brandner was nothing short of a miracle. He had come into rescue in great pain and shock, but was not happy and healthy.

They were even able to neuter him on 7/10/12 and following his neuter, we took further x-rays to see how the leg was healing. The surgeon recommended that they remove the pin & wire. On 8/3/12 he had the pin removed.

On 8/15/12 he arrived at SaveABunny and was welcomed with love and fresh mint and parsley from the garden.He's such a sweet, gentle and loving rabbit. Enjoys being snuggled and just a really nice boy!

He runs, hops and plays just like other bunnies, though you can see a slight limp on his back leg. Brandner hospital and Dr. Pfann saved is life and we are very grateful!

Achilles is now ready to find his forever home. Please visit him soon! You can also help by sponsoring him!

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