Status: Adopted on Jan 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

My name is Bailey. I'm a black and white dutch bunny boy who is about 1 year old. I'm neutered and potty trained, and I'm ready to be your loving bunny friend. I'm easy to carry when needed and I love a good massage. I like to run around and play in my little obstacle course of boxes with cut outs and card board tunnels. I go all bunny-happy for delicous snacks like bits of fruit and my fresh organic greens. When I was rescued, I required vet care and medication. My since my medication was sweetened I used to almost beg for it! Silly me!

Update 4/2011. I have a new girlfriend named Lola. She is a black and white dutch like me. It was love at first sight! She is just as mellow and sweet as me. She was easy to fall in love with. I think you'll find that true too.

My adoption fee is a tax-deductable donation to the non-profit group PAWS for the San Jose Animal Care Center. PAWS for SJACS raises money to help pay for shelter animal needs that are not covered by tax-dollars. Check out and

Thank you SaveABunny for posting me on your website. If you are interested in adopting me check out, click "resources" and then "courtesy adoption listings" in the drop down menu.

Thanks for considering a rescued rabbit and saving a life!

Please promote spaying and neutering of pets to avoid overcrowding and euthanasia in shelters.

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