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My name is Brownie. I'm a handsome brown dutch who is just the perfect size for holding in your arms. I was featured on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News, 7/2009, when the Moreland School Great Rabbit Rescue story broke. "Run for your life" was the caption. Many people remember me as the baby bunny trying to dodge death by dog chasing or teenage shootings. I was so fortunate to have been rescued as a baby bunny. I was living with a buddy bunny from Moreland but over time he wanted a girl friend and now I'm on my own. I might like a girlfriend bunny of my own, too, someday. My foster mom had children and a cat, so I don't mind older children who are kind to me and cats don't bother me much anymore. I enjoy being petting and don't mind being carried. I do like snuggling in my fleece bed covered by my willow tent so that's included in my adoption since it's my most favorite place to be. I'm looking forward to having a forever home and family to spoil me and give me all the TLC a bunny needs.

Thank you SaveABunny for posting on your website.

My adoption donation is $50. check out for more information on the animals helped by the PAWS medical fund.

9/2010 - I've been adopted by my foster family ! Thank you SaveABunny for helping to find my forever home.