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Coal & Coconut


“Hi!! We are Coal and Coconut and we are best friends and the original odd couple as we are as different as can be. Just look at us!”

Coal: “I, Coal, am a brown eyed, sleek, short-haired and uppy-eared tgirl.”

Coconut: “And I, Coconut, am very soft and fluffy, I long haired and lop-eared boy and I have beautiful, bright ruby eyes.

Coal: “We enjoy our life. We like to eat and lounge around, explore and play games like running and happily chasing each other.

Coconut: “And I’m a teenager and soft too! Well, gee, that’s something we have in common Coal!

Coal and Coconut: “Another thing we have in common is that we would both love a forever home together! We are very friendly, healthy bunnies, and we have a lot of love to give! Please come meet and get to know us!”

We're currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.