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Crimson Rose (DaVinci RIP)


Crimson Rose was adopted and found a new boyfriend after DaVinci's death. She is officially a SaveABunny sanctuary rabbit. She will be able to live her life out fully in sanctuary with people who love her and will allow her to feel safe and loved.

UPDATE:June 26,2011
We are very sad to pass along the news that DaVinci passed away Sunday morning, June 26. Early in the morning he looked ok, but a few hours later he was gone. He had rapidly been losing weight despite extra food. We think that his little, old bunny body just gave out on him and he could couldn't rally against a persistent dental infection.

While we are deeply saddened by DaVinci's passing, we take comfort knowing that he was loved and treasured here at SaveABunny. He had many humans who doted on him and a bunny girlfriend who took good care of him.

Crimson Rose was depressed today and we know she really needs a new mate. She took good care of both DaVinci and Fenle. We just wish she would pick healthier mates!
Today she spent the day with two SAB alumni who are in a sanctuary foster home and we hope she will bond with them. This is the life-long commitment that we make to our bunnies. We feel strongly about staying connected with a bunny through his/ her entire life to provide the love and support they need.

We will miss DaVinci. He was a quirky and fun little boy. Now it's time to make sure that Crimson Rose is taken care of...let's hope she moves into this next stage of her life with new bunny friends to love!
UPDATE: May 27, 2011
DaVinci required major dental surgery for an abscess.
We are relieved that he survived the surgery (it was necessary and lifesaving---not elective).

The surgery at $794 was much more costly than we expected. We could really use your help!

Please help us help DaVinci. Donations are urgently needed. Thank you for any and all help you can give.

Hi! My name is DaVinci and I am a "masterpiece"--- adorable looking, neutered boy bunny. I LOVE getting my head petted and really enjoy when people talk with me.
I'm a pretty good listener. My girlfriend's name is Crimson Rose. I love redheads!

We are a super cute, deserving bonded pair of special needs rabbits. Both of us have health issues--mine are dental and I'm also a senior aged bun. Crimson Rose has "knee" issues and a sensitive tummy. Whoever adopts us will want to make sure they can afford vet check-ups and won't mind that we are not so great with using a litter box. While we can guarantee cuteness and gratitude to you, we can't guarantee cleaniness with our litter box habits.

If you don't mind some extra grooming to keep us clean and some extra cleaning, then you'll be perfect as our new best friend!