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Dec 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Foster Home

Cuddles was an EMERGENCY special needs rescue from Oakland Animal Services!

Cuddles came into Oakland Animal Shelter with her right eye bulging out of her head caused by a severe abscess behind her eye. Euthanasia was the ONLY option unless SaveABunny immediately agreed to take her and get her the life-saving surgery she needed.

The surgery and after care has proven to be much more expensive than initially estimated and we urgently need to raise $2500. PLEASE HELP CUDDLES!!!

Cuddles is the sweetest, most loving, trusting, and patient rabbit, and we won't give up on her!! Please donate -- the smallest amount will help pay for her surgery and medication.

Please help us help Cuddles!
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or checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94941

A Special Message From Cuddles Foster Home

"Cuddles is a resilient,amazing patient and takes her medicine easily. More amazingly,she allows a catheter needle to be inserted deep in her cheek to flush out infection every day. She holds still, since she knows that treats come afterward!

She's the most loving bunny -- she runs up to me whenever I come into the room. In the morning she follows me around as I brush my teeth and make the bed -- every time i stop and stand in one place for a moment she licks my feet. Although most rabbits prefer to be petted on the ground, she loves to jump up into my lap and to be held. When being held she presses her whole body into mine and kisses my neck or face!"