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Jan 23 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

I've been adopted along with Atom!

Hi. My name is Cyan (pronounced "sigh-anne" from Greek κυανoῦς / kyanous, meaning "blue".)All you artists out there may know that cyan is used to refer to the color obtained by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light.

Some shades of color close to cyan in the cyan color range are baby blue, teal, turquoise and aquamarine.

I was given my name because of my exquisite blue eyes. With my snow white fur and dramatic blue eyes I am a very pretty,spayed little dwarf girl. I'm about a year old.

My nature is to be a bit shy and skittish, though sweet, and I would prefer to be adopted to a quiet , restful home.
I also enjoy living with other peaceful rabbits who are nice to me, so I might make a good companion for your spayed/ neutered rabbit.
Right now I am living in a group of rabbits consisting of me, Mc Dreamy, Teardrop, Alouette, Feather and Humera. Mc Dreamy and Teardrop are sort of pushy bunnies, but otherwise all of us get along well.

Maybe you'd like to adopt me with one of my rabbit friends?!
Please visit me soon. I promise to try to be brave.