Status: Adopted
Shelter of Origin: Yolo County Animal Shelter
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted!
Hi. My name is Deepak and I am really happy to meet you. I am a really friendly, busy guy who is fun to be with. You might notice that before I got to SaveABunny somebunny chewed my ears. That really wasn't too nice of them!
Anyway, my ears are healed and I don't even notice that they are different. I am a great listener. You can tell me all your problems and I'll do my best to help you figure it all out. Think of me as your bunny guru.

You'll have a great time with me as your buddy and cosmic guide. I'm healthy, active, ADORABLE, curious and a really easy to handle bunny. I don't even mind being held. I'm a rare bunny. So, if you want to adopt a very cool, entertaining and charming guy, that's me!

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