Status: Adopted on Nov 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted!!

Hello. My name is Ken Ohura and I'd like to share with you some of the wisdom of the rabbit. I bet you did not realize that some rabbits speak Yiddish. Makes sense. Rabbits are very passionate and expressive beings. Oy!

(Zol zayn mit mazel!) זאָל זײַן מיט מזל! (Glik!) גליק!

(Zayt gesunt) זייט געזונט

I am a funny,easy going,neutered guy who is still a bit "schmutzic." My nose has some battle scars, but they add character.I was dumped in Candlestick Point along with nine other white rabbits and we had a rough time of it fending for ourselves. Luckily we got rescued and we are all looking for good homes. Kine Hora!

Ah, so now you can see how I got my name. Kine Hora is an expression used to promote good luck, a blessing and ward off "the evil eye." Speaking of eyes,(good segue, nu?)my eyes are an exquisite mix of lavender, sky blue and ruby colors. Quite handsome.

I'm a breytpleytsik ברייטפּלייציק bokher בחור

Now, if that doesn't tempt you to adopt me, I don't what will!
If you are looking to find a comical, sweet, yet wise man little man to share your home, please pick me!
Won't you please be my mishpokhe ?משפּחה

(Ikh hob dikh lieb) איך האָב דיך ליב
Ken Ohura

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