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Jan 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

ABOVE PHOTO: Adopter Lisa with LadyBug

NOTE From SaveABunny Founder: Lady Bug was abandoned in the Oakland Animal Services nightdrop box suffering from deep, very painful and serious abscesses all over her face. Her case was one of the worst we had ever seen. Our initial concern was that the "tentacles" of the abscesses had extended so deeply into her little body, that we would not be able to save her.


We were EXTREMELY fortunate to have LadyBug be welcomed into the caring home and skilled hands of SaveABunny adopters and volunteers, Dr. Terry Hand (noted Marin plastic surgeon) and his wife, Lisa, a registered nurse.

PHOTO: Watching TV with Dr. Hand

They have been able to provide extensive wound care and supportive healing that has saved LadyBug's life. These special people and remarkable rabbit is for me what the core of rescue is all about.

FROM LadyBug's Foster Mom, Lisa

It started with a kiss...I brought her home and we sat on the couch to get to know each other. She snuggled up to my chest and began kissing my neck. A romantic interlude? NO! This was the beginning of one of the most fulfilling and FUN foster relationships I have had yet from SaveABunny.

Her name is Ladybug and it couldn't suit her more. I brought her home because she had a massive facial infection from a fighting wound with another bunny. We don't know much about her from her history but it was clear to me that she had not experienced anything but a cage in her previous situation. She acted like she had just landed on Mars when I put her down on the rug to explore. She couldn't decide what this green vegetable stuff was that I put in front of her was. Her face was swollen, massively infected and obviously sore but still she continued to kiss.

Flash forward only 2 days, Ladybug now owned the family room. She enjoyed a sphinx-like pose under the coffee table for most of the afternoon and evening that was only interrupted by constant trips onto the couch to visit anyone that came in. The greens were now dealt with promptly and the kisses flowed.LadyBug LOVES to give kisses!

PHOTO: Giving kisses to the Hand's son, Spencer

We are now 10 days into our new relationship and she is almost healed and truly one of the sweetest and funniest bunnies I have ever had the privilege to get to know. She demands strokes by anyone that walks by her enclosure. Any new person to visit her couch is greeted with a stern once over, immediately followed by kisses. She is super neat and religiously uses her litter box. And best of all, she does not appear to have a desire to chew on anything as yet.

Unfortunately, my 2 pairs of grumpy old men bunnies are feeling slighted by this new demanding little diva so I cannot keep her. She is truly wonderful and any bunny home that is looking for a rabbit that will love her humans as much as they love her will be delighted by this little lady.