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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

We loved you and miss you very much Little Girl!


Lilly is a small, sweet, but sad, little 9 year old bunny girl.
She came to us under very extreme circumstances. Her human guardian was murdered in July 2009, which she witnessed.

Lilly has been getting alternative healing: Reiki and shamanic healing from SaveABunny's Rob and Marcy, as well as animal communication help from Cathy Malkin.

Shown below is a "very special TV watching and nap session" with Marcy(Wilson, the cat assisted). Naps on the sofa just seem to have amazing healing results and frankly, is just so soft and fun.
While Lilly is embarrassed to be seen with someone wearing such a gaudy, leopard print nap outfit, she is willing to look beyond bad fashion sense to get some love and TLC.

If you are unable to adopt Lilly, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us cover her sanctuary expenses and care.

Thank you!

Lilly was very traumatized when she arrived and so we are being extra careful about finding a home for her. Whoever adopts Lilly will need to give her a lot of attention and have no other rabbits. She want sher very own human to bond with and the chemistry must be right.

If Lilly's new human is not out there, then she will stay with us as a sanctuary bunny for the rest of her life.