Status: Adopted on Jan 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: Foster Home

Hi! My name is Max and I am truly one special little, neutered boy. I didn’t exactly have the best start in life, but I’ve always kept my positive and loving attitude. You can see the happiness in my eyes even though I have had a rough time in my short life.

After being abandoned at a trailhead as a baby, I was rescued. Soon after, a freak accident left my hind legs paralyzed. This was when I really needed to show my determination to live a full, happy life. After several months of rehab, I can now hop like the dickens and love to show off my excellent binky abilities. However, the accident left me incontinent, which means that I do need some regular special care. My doctor says that eventually it will help to have my tail removed (don’t worry I’ll still be just as cute). In spite of everything, I have the most hopeful view of life and am extremely loving and snuggly. I'm about 1.5 years old and really eager to find my forever home with someone who can accommodate my special needs, ideally with someone who has a partner for me that will make my life even more complete.

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