Status: Adopted
Shelter of Origin: Private Rescue
Location: SaveABunny

Hi! We are Mel and Sneakers. We're two confirmed bachelors living together at SaveABunny. However, such fun loving guys like us really can't keep all of our fun contained here so we're looking for someone with a swinging pad that we can crash at forever.. I am a sweet,little neutered boy.

Mel: "Yes, I am a lionhead. Just look at my funky hairdo!
I look like a teenage boy that just rolled out of bed. Actually, I AM a teenage boy who just rolled out of bunny bed!

In addition to being really adorable, I am also a nice bunny. I'm active, love to run and play and do bunny binkies! I hope you will visit me soon.
Sneakers: "What up bro! I'm a more laid back type of guy - not quite as excitable as Mel but I do have my moments of jumps, exploration and checking out what's happening in the area. I'm a neutered boy as well and Mel and I get into all sorts of fun. And all I have to do is flash my baby pic about and we get all the "Awwws" we want.

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