Status: In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

My name is Mika. I was abandoned by my guardian when I developed head tilt. That made me sad since I am a senior bunny and I was very comfortable in my home. I have been to the vet and it seems that I'll be this way from now on. I did test moderately positive for e. cuniculi. So, if you have a bunny who is looking for a friend and who also has been exposed to e. cuniculi, we might hit it off.

Don't you dare feel sorry for me! I'm a bundle of sweetness and energy. I hop around and play. I love a big litter box full of hay for me to hide in, push around, and eat! I'm a very good hay eater. I'm a little thin due to my age, but I don't look it since my fur is plush and fluffy. If you have big heart and would like to love a bunny that knows how to appreciate the simple things in life, I'm your somebunny special. I'm spayed and ready to go home with you.

4/2011 - Miss Mika passed away peacefully held by her foster mom. Wishing you many reasons to binky, Mika, on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

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