Status: Adopted on Oct 11 2009
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Foster Home

My foster mom adopted me. Yeah!

Hello. My name is Noir. I am a sleek, elegant, shiny jet black spayed bunny girl. I am long and lean almost like a cross between a hare and a rex! I have a few remaining bleached spots of fur, but they will soon be gone.

I was found as part of a group of domestic feral bunnies who had been abandoned at Laney College in Oakland. I am shy, yet really nice girl who is still making up my mind about what I think of people.

On the one hand, I really like the yummy hay and greens I am given. I also love feeling safe and secure living indoors in a clean and loving environment and not running for my life in the wild. Yet, I am still learning how to relax and fall asleep on someone's arms as they pet me.

I do very much want to be loved! I know that I just a step away from being a pampered house rabbit and I really want to make that leap.

Please adopt me!

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