Status: Adopted on Mar 7 2010
Shelter of Origin: Private Rescue, Moreland
Location: SaveABunny

We just found our forever home along with a SaveABunny alumni rabbit named Hazel!
Hi. We are Oatmeal(white,neutered,male)and Raisin (spayed,female B/W Dutch mix). We are a bonded pair of shy, but sweet bunnies. We love each other very much and must be adopted together.

You may have heard about the Moreland large scale rabbit rescue effort in San Jose with over a hundred rabbits. Some of the rabbits had been shot at and the whole situation was quite sad.

Well, the good news is that SaveABunny was able to take in the majority of those rescued rabbits (we're from there!) and provide medical attention and healing.

Raisin was not injured, but I was. When I arrived at SaveABunny my leg had a badly healed break. I needed to have the bone shaved down and corrected. I am now doing GREAT!! I feel really good, hop just like new and you'd never know there was anything wrong with me.

I love to play and binky just like any other bunny, so please visit us soon. The only piece missing in for our happily ever after is a forever home with you!

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