Status: Adopted on Jul 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control, Marin Humane Society
Location: Foster Home

Hello. My name is Peach. One of the SaveABunny teen volunteers named me Peach, because I am sweet, soft and have very soft, fuzzy fur.
I am an exquisitely beautiful and plush mini-rex girl.

I am a very special rabbit with my elegant beauty and a gentle disposition. My fur is an immensely rich chocolate brown and white. I would love to be your best friend spending quiet times together listening or reading. I don't read very well, but would love for you to read to me. Actually, I'd love to just have you spend quality time with me showing me how wonderful it feels to be loved. You can pet my soft fur to no end. I'm a cuddle bunny.

Come pet me and I'm sure you'll end up taking me home.

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"Reflection Of Compassion" is a lovingly commissioned series of original watercolor and gouache illustrations created especially for SaveABunny Rabbit Rescue by artist Elizabeth Koval Maffeo. (All images copyright 2008 SaveABunny. All rights reserved.)