Status: Adopted on Feb 1 2013
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Foster Home

Ping is one of two bonded brothers. His brother is Pong. They love each other very much and must be adopted together. These bunnies were part of a large scale rescue of rabbits being raised for meat in Oakland. They are loving and deserving of a forever home---not being eaten or abused.


A Message From Ping and Pong's Foster Mom:

Ping has a sweet and gentle disposition. He's a thinker. He likes to consider actions before he takes them, and consider new objects before he plays with them. He's about 4 minutes behind whatever bigger brother Pong is doing. Ping is gentle, and with a dedicated owner he will flourish. He takes a day or so to get used to you, but he was the first to let me touch him and gently pet his nose. Ping seems to be patient, a bit cautious, and very sweet. With the right owner, he could really open up and be a loving rabbit. He really wants to trust and love, but his trust will need to be earned with steady attention and patient hand. In Watership Down, Ping would be Fiver.

BOTH bunnies are:
1. startled easily by loud noises or new sounds
2. nibblers - they nibble on everything so watch your wooden furniture!
3. curious, smart, willing, energetic, and playful... but definitely in need of socializing, especially when it comes to touch, handling, and petting.

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