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Jan 15 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I've been adopted and love my new human mom, Petra, very much!

UPDATE 11/21/11

9/26/11 Good News Update from the foster parents!

Santana has been the definition of the adorable, quirky bunny. Despite whatever shyness she may demonstrate, she's intensely curious about the world around her. From her gentle whimpers as she is rubbed, to her happy grunts as she's fed, you always exactly know how she feels throughout the day. Santana is the sort of bunny that wants to be wanted, and she likes to make you work for her attention. However, this has a big payoff, as at heart she just wants to nap next to you and be rubbed! She's been a special part of our home these past months, and is ready to love and bond with her forever family.


Santana is a very beautiful, spirited, spayed girl who loves to get lots of attention---though she is sensitive and shy. She truly loves to be talked with and stroked. She is vocal and can whimper a bit at first. That's just her way of asking you to be gentle with her. She responds quickly to kindness.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a home for a bunny like Santana. It's not that she isn't wonderful. Santana can be because she is shy when they meet her.
I see Santana as a smart, magical, pretty bunny girl who will bond deeply with the right person.

I hope you will visit Santana soon!