Status: Adopted on Sep 17 2011
Shelter of Origin: Marin Humane Society
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted. Yeah for me!

Hi! My name is Thad and I am a GORGEOUS, neutered, young boy. If there was a "Dancing With the Stars" for bunnies, I'd be a winner. I'm a fancy dancer and will keep you highly entertained watching me do bunny binkies and jumps. I'm quite the athlete.

I'm the busy kind of rabbit who needs a lot of free space in your (bunnyproofed) home to run, exercise and explore.

I'd be a good choice for someone who's not expecting me to sit still for long periods or be held. I'm a real bunny after all and not a stuffed animal. I want my days full of adventure and playtime!

I really hope you'll give me a wonderful home of my own very soon.

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