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Tiger and Apollo


Hello everyone -

My name is Tiger. I was named Tiger because I came in to SaveABunny bleached from the sun, creating tiger stripes! It may not be wise to have named me Tiger because now that I'm safely indoors, my new coat is coming in and I'm a pure chocolate Dutchie. So maybe more of a chocolate Tiger, if you will.

I'm a bit wary of humans but I'm the warmest, most tender, nurturing dad when it comes to my kids, Apollo, Endeavour, Voyager, Sputnik, Soyuz and Gemini. My other kids left the next but I've remained bonded with my daughter, Apollo. Here are some words from her:

Hi! My name is Apollo! I'm named after the space program, not the Greek god so it's ok that I'm a girl named Apollo!

Here's my first baby photo:

We're currently being housed at SaveABunny waiting to be adopted.