Status: Adopted on Jan 6 2015
Shelter of Origin: Private Rescue
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted and am in a very committed relationship with my new hus-bun Boone---a SaveABunny alumni!
Hi, My name is Tinsel, because i am pretty, silver, shiny and full of light---just like a holiday ornament.
You may wonder what is going on with my arm. Am I waving hello to all my fans? Flagging down a taxi to take me to buy veggies?

Actually, in these older pictures my arm and shoulder are in a cast. I am all better now, but these pictures are from when I first arrived at SaveABunny. Let me share some pointers from a girl like me who knows from experience...don't put a harness or leash or your bunny. In case you are confused, we are not dogs. We are prey animals and can get freaked out and or injured. My shoulder was broken and my human didn't want to pay to get it fixed. I wonder if she broke her leg skiing if she'd not do anything about it?
I'm not trying to be a smartie pants...i was just curious! Honest!

So, the great news is that i am a really outgoing, active girl who is ready to find my forever home. I was on cage rest only for 4 months! But, now i can run and play with the best of the buns. You'll love to watch me play and then we can snuggle.
I really hope you will visit me soon!

Look at me now!

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