Status: Adopted
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: SaveABunny

UPDATE 1/7/12
A note from Zeus's former foster parent:
"Zeus is an incredibly sweet and peaceful bunny. He is very curious about the world, exploring everything in his path including humans. He nudges and sniffs me and then bound over me to explore the rest of his exercise space! Being a little skittish he appreciates the comfort of his pen and willow tent. Zeus is young and fun. He loves to eat and would love a forever home that gives him plenty of love and space to play!"

Hi ! My name is Zeus, like the Greek God, though I am quieter and not as bold as a typical Greek god. I am a good-looking, brave boy and I hope you will choose me.

My early start in life was not so great and I saw way more heartache than any young rabbit should have to endure. But it's amazing what love and good care can do. I was rescued as part of a large group of rabbits living without proper food, water or care in a San Jose neighborhood. I'll spare you the terrible details, but not all my rabbits friends were as lucky as me.


I was fostered by a great family with two girls who gave us SO much love. I never knew life could be that good!
I am now healthy, neutered and ready to find my forever home. Please visit me soon!

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