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Late Bloomer Club

Artwork by Carol Chen - Thank you, Carol!

The Late Bloomer Club is a loving, close knit group of bunnies with significant medical and physical challenges who live in sanctuary at SaveABunny. They are not available for adoption. Some Late Bloomers are disabled and need daily care. Sometimes they are "hospice" bunnies with incurable medical conditions who join the Bloomers to live out the remainder of their time in peace and comfort. And a few are healthy and are part of the group as peacekeepers and friends.

The Bloomers live happily together in a large indoor pen Clubhouse furnished with all the amenities befitting a luxury retirement home like fluffy fleece bedding, warm heat lamps, handicap litter boxes, toys, greens and treats. On most days they can be found snuggling in a big, contented bunny pile, peacefully living up to their Club motto “It’s never too late to be happy!”

The Late Bloomer Club was formed in November 2014. Once a bunny joins the Late Bloomer Club they are a member forever, a part of an ongoing legacy of remembrance and love for these extra special bunnies, even after they pass on. We remember these bunnies as "Late Bloomer Guardian Angels"

For the story of each individual bunny, please click on their photo below.