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Special Needs and Sanctuary Rabbits

Saving lives isn’t a weekend hobby for us. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Every rabbit rescued by SaveABunny is promised a happy, healthy life – even if they never get adopted. Some of our rabbits have been with us for eight years or more. This life long commitment is an essential and very unique aspect of our organization.

While we rescue a majority of healthy, adoptable rabbits, we are frequently the only rescue resource for rabbits who have been abused, traumatized or suffer from medical or behavioral issues that are life-threatening or have landed them on the euthanasia list at shelters.

We think every story deserves a happy ending.

Though we rescue hundreds of rabbits each year, we see each rabbit as an individual with his or her own story and special needs. Some can find homes right away, and some need extensive rehabilitation. Rabbits like Phoenix endured horrific torture and is now an ambassador for humane education. Senior rabbits like Surya and Humphrey may eventually find a home of their own, but likely will spend their peaceful sunset days at SaveABunny as sanctuary residents getting the loving care they need.

But we can’t do it alone.

SaveABunny is a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization. Our rescue and sanctuary work is funded by donation, and staffed by dedicated volunteers. We need your help and support to save precious animal lives.

The work we do can be heartbreaking. We witness abuse, neglect and trauma that no animal should have to endure. Yet, we experience an incredible number of miracles, too.

It can be extremely expensive to provide such intensive care and our expenses can top $6000 every month. Funding is urgently needed to help us save those rabbits that "no one wants." Even small contributions can make a big difference.

Please join us in making a difference today in the life of a deserving rescued animal!

Special Needs Rabbits

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