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Boarding fees and donations are the primary ways we raise money towards our extensive veterinary and animal care expenses.

You can feel secure about the quality of care your bunny will get and also know that you will be supporting a good cause. Boarding is home style, so drop off times are typically between 9 am and 6pm. We will do our best to accommodate you at other times on a case by case basis. We are volunteer-run, so we appreciate your flexibility.

We reserve a very limited number of premium boarding and "spa" spaces at our Center. In addition, any stay that takes place over a government recognized holiday will require a 50% non-refundable deposit made 30 days in advance of the boarding date.

Please contact us to reserve a space.

You and your bunny can choose from three options:

Basic Boarding

Your bunny (or bunnies) will be housed in a comfortable, spacious cage(free x-pen upgrade when space permits), and fed high quality pellets, fresh greens, and unlimited hay, or you may bring food of your own choice. Boarding bunnies get regular snuggles, kisses, and exercise. Bunny Bonding is also available. Nail trims, grooming, medicine administration, energy work, animal communication and acupressure massages are extra.


  • Single rabbit: $25/day
  • Pairs: $30/day
  • Trios: $35/day

Bunny Boot Camp

A supervised weight loss boarding program to help plus-size rabbits rediscover their toes, cecal pellets and their vitality. This option includes daily exercise in a large run, a restricted diet of primarily hay, and massage and grooming to help your bunny feel strong, sassy, and sexy.


  • Single rabbit: $30/day
  • Pairs: $35/day
  • Trios: $40/day

Lapin Luxury Spa©

Deluxe boarding with mini-acupressure massage and Reiki treatments available. High quality pellets, fresh greens, exercise, cozy,large X-pen housing.


  • Single rabbit: $35/day
  • Pairs: $40/day
  • Trios: $42/day


We also offer boarding on a monthly basis. For monthly boarders, we ask for 50% of the boarding fee 30 days in advance.


  • Single rabbit: $500/month
  • Pairs: $525/month
  • Trios: $550/month